divendres, 27 de gener de 2017

Teaching staff Meeting Post Transnational.

   Yesterday we met all the teachers at INS Marina and we introduced them the project, its objectives and results expected as well as showing them all the tasks we've been doing these last months.

First, we focused on the project difusion on the local newspaper 08centvuit , the school's magazine, creation of the project's blog and other social networks. We also talked about the project team formed by science teachers and students from 4th ESO.

Secondly, we mentioned the last transnational meeting hold between the 30th November to 3rs of December in 2016 where we met each other, we introduced our schools and school systems, and we also spent some afternoons in some cultural activities such as going to science exhibitions at Museu Blau or Cosmocaixa. We thanked to Óscar Sierra, La Llagosta's mayor, for his tour. It was the best way to meet the village's culture.

In conclusion, we state that this project will be quite positive for our students to improve their science subjects marks'  but also, it's a great chance for them to visit another school in another culture and get to know their customs and values.


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