diumenge, 16 d’abril de 2017

Short Term Projects Teachers Meeting @ Isis Valdarno March 2017

   From the 6th to the 11th March we've spent a few days at ISIS Valdarno school where all the teachers have taken part in different activities and project meetings.

    Our guests, the Italian teachers, made us a tour around the three different centres they've got, where we've been observing lessons, visiting laboraties and doing some experiments. We've also had some meetings to analyse the different methologies suggested to improve our science lessons such as Finnish Educational System, Flipped Classroom or our Czech partners introduced us to their Experimentarium park. We also met to decide future mobilities' schedules; among others, Czech Republic in May 2017 and Hungary in October 2017.

   It's been a rewarding trip where we have learnt a lot from our Italian partners, we also got into contact with the Italian culture and their daily life in Tuscany.


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